Your Unique Voice, How to Create an Extreme Income Explosion; BuzzBooster TV #47

Every business needs to find its own unique voice in order to get attention from their market and we cover that this week. We also show you the formula to create an extreme income explosion in your business. This is BuzzBooster TV episode 47 with Nashlah and Shahar Having trouble viewing this video? Try the […]

Every business needs to find its own unique voice in order to get attention from their market and we cover that this week. We also show you the formula to create an extreme income explosion in your business. This is BuzzBooster TV episode 47 with Nashlah and Shahar

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The Transcript

Your Unique Voice, How to Create an Extreme Income Explosion; BuzzBooster TV #47

SHAHAR:      Hi, I’m Shahar.

NASH:            And I’m Nash and this is BuzzBooster.Tv.

SHAHAR:      Yes and this show is brought to you by MozyPro. You know, we have some cool things today.

NASH:            Yes, we do.

SHAHAR:      We are going to tell you how to find your unique voice in the business.

NASH:            Ah yes. [Inaudible 00:00:30.1].

SHAHAR:      A very cool tip for you, also of course to market your business and how to generate an extreme income explosion.

NASH:            That’s right.

SHAHAR:      Enjoy. So in the last few weeks we have been talking about how you can become irresistible to your market right.

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      How you really, you, you position yourself in such a way that you get attention from the market.

NASH:            That’s right.

SHAHAR:      Not only visibility. So we already talked about how to create a resistible promise.

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      Unveil your core story.

NASH:            Core story.

SHAHAR:      Today we are going to talk about how to find your unique voice.

NASH:            Unique voice.

SHAHAR:      Yes. The first thing we need to think is this vanilla in marketing…

NASH:            Boring.

SHAHAR:      Is not a good thing. So you don’t want to be as everybody else, right. You want to standout a little bit and it’s very important that you show your personality and you find your…

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      Unique voice out in the market.

NASH:            That’s right.

SHAHAR:      And then after you do that, you’ll, you’ll see which medium is best for you. For example online, we basically have three, right?

NASH:            Yes, we do. Blogs or written, audio, video.

SHAHAR:      Exactly. So what do you have to do is chose one that is you’re comfortable of doing.

NASH:            That you’re really good at.

SHAHAR:      And become really, really good at.

NASH:            Become really good at.

SHAHAR:      Yeah, because sometimes, you know, it’s a new experience and you didn’t do that before so it takes a while, that’s totally okay. But you need to focus on one way of really putting on message out there…

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      So you can standout from the others.

NASH:            And become awesome at it.

SHAHAR:      Yes.

NASH:            So that’s one of these things that people do make all the time, especially when they market online, because they try to do everything and they do everywhere and they do a little bit everything but they do it poorly because they’re just trying to get these things done.

SHAHAR:      Yeah.

NASH:            They’re not really focusing on their message, on they’re getting their voice out there, being unique and that, and really focusing only on one thing. So, like we use the example of us. Like we do the videos, we like doing the videos. We’re really good at doing the videos. We do it every week. So that’s our main focus. Then we use Facebook and Twitter and all of these other things, you can do blog.

SHAHAR:      [Inaudible 00:02:37.0] blog, yes.

NASH:            Yes. To promote what we do.

SHAHAR:      So we choose one medium that we are comfortable with.

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      Right? Try to become good at that and, you know, if you have followed us over the years, we make some pretty big mistakes like you do too, right?

NASH:            Well, we do but…

SHAHAR:      Shooting ourselves upside down and things like that but the more we do, the more we get better at that.

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      And then we use all the rest to support all this.

NASH:            Exactly.

SHAHAR:      To broadcast all this.

NASH:            Yeah.

SHAHAR:      So these are the, the channels that you can, especially online that you can use either text or your video. Choose one, become good at that. But going back to your unique voice, how do you figure that? Let me give you an example there, I’ll let you give us an example.

NASH:            Oh thank you.

SHAHAR:      [Inaudible 00:03:19.6]

NASH:            Yes. So an example…

SHAHAR:      About a company that, that found its unique voice in a commodity mark.

NASH:            Yes, because that’s, the companies are afraid of being unique of letting people know who they really are in terms of their personality. They’re afraid of that. So there’s this company in the UK called Innocent Drinks.

SHAHAR:      Very cool.

NASH:            They are very cool. They have a, they’re very unique, I mean they sell drinks like smoothies and sodas and things like that. So it’s like, come on, you can get it anywhere, right? But with these guys, you go into the groceries store and you walk out the soda isle and you immediately spot them in their soda.

Because each bottle has a knitted hat, knitted by [Inaudible 00:04:00.5] on top of the bottle. So they’re very unique and they’re all very different.

SHAHAR:      You just imagine, you go to the soda isle and then everything’s pretty much the same and then you see these line of bottles full of little knitted hat, it’s so cool. That’s one way to figure your unique voice. We are telling you this example because it is commodity.

NASH:            Because it’s a commodity but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it…

SHAHAR:      $0.10, $0.20 a bottle, right? They can buy a soda for it.

NASH:            Well, not nowadays. Maybe in 1940 you could get…

SHAHAR:      I was not born…

NASH:            That for $0.10 but…

SHAHAR:      In 1940, thank you very much. I’m a [Inaudible 00:04:29.0]…

NASH:            But still…

SHAHAR:      Which means I was born in 1960’s but anyway…

NASH:            Well that’s for $0.10.

SHAHAR:      They standout don’t they?

NASH:            Yes and they are very cheap generally you’ll make a lot of, if you went to the soda business nowadays probably it would be very difficult to survive, so.

SHAHAR:      Yeah, exactly and not only that, there are time that with a cause, remember that your core story, there are time that because they are really, they are needed by grannies…

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      And then it goes to percentage to, to a facility to help…

NASH:            To an institution that helps the grandparents today…

SHAHAR:      Yes.

NASH:            And, you know, what very interesting, you can even go to their website and pick the granny that you want to have…

SHAHAR:      Yup.

NASH:            For your next bottle, if you order online.

SHAHAR:      Which helps them with the engagement part?

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      So very clever, you know, very, very clever. Here in the US, in the soda thing, we also have junk soda.

NASH:            That’s right.

SHAHAR:      Their approach is to put pictures of their costumers…

NASH:            Yeah.

SHAHAR:      On the bottle, which makes the bottle really standout. Again causing engagement.

NASH:            That’s right.

SHAHAR:      That’s one way. But maybe…

NASH:            They have unique flavors.

SHAHAR:      Unique flavor is a very important point.

NASH:            So, but Shahar here’s the thing, so we’re giving examples of like the soda companies. Oh, these are big companies could an entrepreneur, could a coach, people like that, businesses like that, actually like that…

SHAHAR:      Do not have the product, right?

NASH:            Does not have a product, yeah exactly.

SHAHAR:      Yeah, of course, think about Rosh Limbo. You may like him, you may hate him but it’s very unique the way he puts out his opinion. Well, what’s yours? In our case, you know, we always play with the fact that we are from different generations.

NASH:            She’s my mom.

SHAHAR:      Yes, in case you didn’t notice that? And I know I look so young. But on the other hand, we also do, we put things out there like they are with no BS involved in that. That’s our style.

NASH:            Yeah.

SHAHAR:      You may like, you may hate. We also do this impromptu thing, so if we make mistakes, you see the mistakes.

NASH:            It happens but hey, we’re human.

SHAHAR:      Yeah, so, so that’s our style, that’s our unique voice.

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      Right? And we are not offering any physical products and so we don’t have bottles in the super market or anywhere.

NASH:            We have physical products but yeah, exactly we’re not a retail businesses or this huge mega box something, no, right?

SHAHAR:      Yeah.

NASH:            So yeah, anyone.

SHAHAR:      So, you think about to how other businesses find their unique voice like target is a little hip in what they put out there, right? And so, you have to figure, okay, how can I do that for myself?

NASH:            Yeah and don’t be afraid.

SHAHAR:      And if you’re service provider is really the, how you put the message out there.

NASH:            Yeah.

SHAHAR:      Okay, what’s your style? How do you show, what you think about it?

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      Because one other thing that we see quite often today is especially people using Facebook…

NASH:            Well, they don’t want to offend anyone.

SHAHAR:      Yeah, they want to be correct all the time…

NASH:            Yeah.

SHAHAR:      And they want just to provide tips all the time. Especially on Facebook, we see that a lot.

NASH:            Yeah.

SHAHAR:      It’s not working anymore and why is that? First, everybody’s doing, second it’s boring. There are people who have so much access to information that they just, they would rather see the information with your point of view. So it is a simple tweak.

NASH:            Yeah.

SHAHAR:      Right? That you could do, that will change everything. So instead of just saying, post a tweet 18 times a day, you tell your take on them or how you do that?

NASH:            And don’t be afraid of doing that because a lot of times businesses, people especially, they have a hard time letting other people know what they think because they think they’ll offense somebody and if they offend them it’s bad. Well you realize that when you do telling them what you think and when you         , when you’re, when you are who you are as a person, when you’re working with some…

Excuse me, this is what happens, so you’re promoting and your blend and vanilla and boring and cautious, right, because you don’t want to offend anyone. Well you get that client and then when you start working, that’s when you’re really trying because they really love to know who you are and that’s when they’re really resonate with you.

SHAHAR:      Yes.

NASH:            Well so what we’re saying is, to illuminate that whole process, just go straight to who you are and shine there.

SHAHAR:      Yes, yes. Very good, very good. So again, you already know how to create a resistible promise to your business…

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      Unveil your core story.

NASH:            That’s right.

SHAHAR:      And now, how to put your unique voice out there. Okay and remember, vanilla is a bad thing in marketing and…

NASH:            Boring.

SHAHAR:      It’s boring and you don’t want that. Okay, I think that’s it.

NASH:            That’s it.

SHAHAR:      You know, I like to buy new gadgets.

NASH:            Oh yes.

SHAHAR:      Yes.

NASH:            They’re fun.

SHAHAR:      Yeah, the other day I just bought another tab…

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      Because the one I have, I thought it was too small.

NASH:            Because, you know, the other ones you had just wasn’t enough.

SHAHAR:      Yeah, but I also…

NASH:            And we got new cameras.

SHAHAR:      Yeah, that’s true, we got new cameras.

NASH:            Yeah.

SHAHAR:      But I also have a computer that I like a lot. It has been with me really for six years.

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      Very reliable companion.

NASH:            Companion.

SHAHAR:      Yeah companion. I call him Brad Pitt. But, you know, what happened last week?

NASH:            What?

SHAHAR:      It didn’t turn on.

NASH:            Oh, that’s right.

SHAHAR:      Well seven years of stuff in there, yeah.

NASH:            Nightmare.

SHAHAR:      It could be a nightmare but I didn’t blink.

NASH:            But it wasn’t, you know why?

SHAHAR:      Yes. You know why? Tell them why. Come on.

NASH:            Because she has MozyPro.

SHAHAR:      Yes, all my data is secured.

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      Right? MozyPro is an amazing company. They can store your data and protect your data. They actually work with very big companies and smaller companies like us.

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      And they do a very good job, so I don’t have to keep thinking did I back up this, then….

NASH:            Yeah, it just works.

SHAHAR:      Because, you know, we tend to rely in like the other day too. We have a lot of information inside an SD card.

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      They wouldn’t open. So you know all these things that you have…

NASH:            It happens, you know, it’s [Inaudible 00:09:42.6] where you think, well tomorrow all back it up or afterwards I’ll worry about it but the fact is when you need it the most it happens.

SHAHAR:      Yes.

NASH:            And it just, like the SD card, I mean, we could take good care of those things.

SHAHAR:      Yes.

NASH:            All of the sudden it’s just didn’t work.

SHAHAR:      They didn’t work, yeah. So you need to have something that you don’t have to keep thinking about, backing up and protecting your data because you as the owner of your business, you need to be strategized, you need to be marketing your business.

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      So you need to leave this to a company like MozyPro.

NASH:            Yeah.

SHAHAR:      It’s easy, no contracts, right? Pay as you go.

NASH:            Pay as you go.

SHAHAR:      It’s just hardly free.

NASH:            And they have secure servers, I mean these guys are top notch.

SHAHAR:      Yeah.

NASH:            And like she said, I mean, you’re a business owner, you should have to worry about things like that…

SHAHAR:      Yeah.

NASH:            You should be focusing on your business.

SHAHAR:      Yes.

NASH:            Try and try and see marketing things like that.

SHAHAR:      Yes.

NASH:            Not on, hey, backing up. Leave those things for the pros.

SHAHAR:      Yes.

NASH:            So leave that for MozyPro. They’ll take care of it for you.

SHAHAR:      Yeah.

NASH:            It’s super simple to do, super inexpensive like she mentioned, big companies and small companies they use it.

SHAHAR:      Use MozyPro, yeah.

NASH:            So, you know what, I invite you to give our friends in MozyPro a call. Just call them at 877-669-997-6. That’s 877-669-977-6 or visit their website,

SHAHAR:      Yes and don’t forget to mention podcast15.

NASH:            Yeah, yes.

SHAHAR:      Yes to get 15% off.

NASH:            15% off, so hey, go give them a call.


NASH:            Alright, so today I wanted to share with you one thing that I actually shared with the members of Buzz Inner Circle last month and that’s the strategy I call it questions-answers strategies. Actually, see that’s the [Inaudible 00:11:24.3] we gave them. It’s a very simple strategy in concept, really, and I would like you to do it because it can really have an impact and the results that you get when you’re marketing online especially.

The purpose is simple. Basically, look for questions, look for people who are asking things in your industry and answer them. Okay? That’s the main just of it. Now, how do you do that? Well, there are websites, there are basically question, question and answers type directories. Quora is very good one that’s There’s also Yahoo answers. I think it’s

But anyway, find those places go there, look for questions. People type, they go there and they type their questions really looking for answers. They have questions of all types of things. I mean, what breed is this dog to, actual business questions, actual marketing questions or actual fitness questions. I mean, pretty much questions in any industry.

So go there, look for the questions that apply to what you talk about and answer them. Here’s a thing, you can spend all day doing it. So my thing is be consistent. You don’t have to, you don’t have to spent hours doing it but if you come back every day and you do a little every day, like 10 minutes a day, you’ll do fine. So find the questions that your, that you can answer, take 10 minutes answer those questions.

In some of those websites, they actually have a location where you can subscribe to those feeds, to those questions, so then you get it all in one place. So basically they use log in and you have all the questions that you subscribed to right there and you can answer them and take 10 minutes answer them and come back.

Things to keep in mind, you can’t, you just can’t like just totally promote yourself. That’s the fastest way for you to get kicked out of the website and people don’t like that. Just be of service. So make sure you work your profile, add your picture, add your name, add your information, what you do, what you’re good at, that’s when you get to talk about your business and your website, things like that and then go out in the field and start answering those questions.

If people like what you have to say, they like your input, they like what you, what you said, go look for more information and they’ll click on your name and they’ll go on your profile and they’ll find out more about you and your website and things like that. So keep, that’s the number one thing to keep in mind.

But basically that’s it. Do it 10 minutes a day, come back, find questions, answer questions and seriously, it will dramatically impact the traffic that you’ll get to your website and the leads and the people that will come to you.

SHAHAR:      So I have question for you, actually I have three. Have you ever asked yourself, where am I now? Where do I want to go? And what I’m able to do in order to achieve it? Okay, these are questions that we always need to ask in our business because there are moments and especially when the years is starting for example that we need to reevaluate some things and then move on.

But one of the things we need to cause from every now and then is what I call Extreme Income Explosion and why? Because you want to be able to, you know, make things change faster than they would if you just keep doing what you’re doing and you’re maybe asking now well, yeah, I know that but how do it do that? Well, actually there are four things that you can do to cause an extreme income explosion in your own business.

The first one is anchor it, okay? You need to anchor your business, meaning that you need to put in place the things you need to put in place to make, to make sustainable and a robust business, okay? It is where you think about protection, this is where you think about how you’re going to structure the business and move forward in a sustainable way.

Because a lot of people don’t do that, especially when people are only working online, it’s quite often that we find people that they think that the business is, oh they got this cool products so they go out and sell to a big list than that’s it and then we’ll keep doing that. That’s not a business. Okay, they are looking for some quick cash. They might make a lot of cash at once but what’s there, what if a recession happens and bad times come, you have to be prepared.

So you need to anchor the business like you would anchor your vault. The second one is propel. You have to create a strategy when you need to move to market really fast. This is the moment where you create the strategies when you know you’re going to be able to move fast to launch products, to implement newer revenue channels. It’s very, very important actually this one is also, when you structure multiple streams of the income in your business.

Here with our clients, what we do is make sure that every business, no matter in which industry they are, they have at least five different revenue channels within that business and each one should be bringing on average 25% of the income every month, okay? Because if something happens to one of them, what happens? You still have four going on. You’re not relying only on one channel of revenue all the time.

And let me tell you, we have work with many different industries. Several business professionals and a lot of manufactures, it’s good, you can do that in any kind of business. So you need to propel. There is also where you start creating systems that can duplicate yourself because again, another trap in the business is always being you the one that is doing everything and you think you cannot duplicate yourself which is not true.

So here you start creating systems. The third one is maximize and that’s where you’ll have to market really hard. You need to be everywhere all the time. Preferably in an automated way. You have to create new ways to promote your business and you need to do a mix of things you’re doing. So if you’re doing your online marketing, you also should be doing some offline marketing.

And there are many things here, this is a, that maximizes one that we could talk the whole day about it and the last one is master. You know, master of your own business. Here is really when you’re ready to go look for other things that you want to incorporate when you can expand the business. There is a big difference between expansion and growth. Growth is very slow, expansion is fast but you should do that within the realm of the topic of your business and of course it’s when you start outsourcing so you can have more time to do other things that you really like.

Well, it’s simple in concept and you can go and start applying and you will see results but there are ways that you can, for example modeling what other people have done in order to achieve the same cause extreme income explosion in their own business, it would take it faster to where you want to be.

NASH:            So.

SHAHAR:      So.

NASH:            Let make it happen.

SHAHAR:      Yes, let’s make it happen.

NASH:            Extreme Income Explosion Summit is really where you can come and learn from the experts who have learned themselves how to create extreme income explosion in their business and really model what they do. They’ll have, we’ll have induct sessions, we have, how many speakers do we have?

SHAHAR:      We have about eight speakers.

NASH:            Eight speakers.

SHAHAR:      And they’re all, they’re targeting each of this steps.

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      So for example, for, to anchor your business we have Lee Philips…

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      Which is an attorney and he’s going to talk to you what you need to have in place to be safe with your business.

NASH:            Yes. [Inaudible 00:19:00.9].

SHAHAR:      Okay, then we have propel which for example Bob the teacher will teach us about how to use mind maps in business.

NASH:            That’s right.

SHAHAR:      So that’s one way to start creating the systems…

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      And getting ready to expand. We met Michelle says we’ll talk about how to maximize.

NASH:            Maximize.

SHAHAR:      Right. And we will go deeper into these four steps…

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      In our sessions.

NASH:            Oh, absolutely.

SHAHAR:      Right. And then, well, then we have Katarina Randall, [Inaudible 00:19:27.3].

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      [Inaudible 00:19:28.1] talking about also how to read the right mindset…

NASH:            Essentially…

SHAHAR:      [Inaudible 00:19:32.2].

NASH:            Yes, essentially all of these speakers will go deeper within each of these steps that Shahar mentioned of the system and really the event will be about creating an extreme income explosion…

SHAHAR:      Yes.

NASH:            In your business. And like she said in the beginning, its long-time, I mean these are foundation of things. They’re not, let’s make money quick…

SHAHAR:      Yes.

NASH:            Type schemes and things like that…

SHAHAR:      Yes.

NASH:            Because those might work at the time but they’re not long term.

SHAHAR:      Yeah.

NASH:            And we’re worried about…

SHAHAR:      And we’re about…

NASH:            Long lasting prosperity.

SHAHAR:      Long lasting prosperity and that’s what you’re going to learn there.

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      It’s very important for you to save the dates of May 3rd, 4th and 5th and book the flight to Salt Lake City.

NASH:            That’s right.

SHAHAR:      Because that’s where the event is going to be.

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      And you’re going to have very quality time with the speakers because many of the sessions are workshops style. Not only that, we have resource partner to help you fulfill the needs you need to fulfill…

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      In order to accomplish those four steps. We have parties and we have cocktails where the speakers will be present.

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      And a lot of networking of course.

NASH:            A lot of networking. We’ll have like a business type expo there.

SHAHAR:      Yes.

NASH:            And so a lot of networking opportunities with the attendees, with the speakers, with the expo like, it’s really going to be…

SHAHAR:      It’s going to be really, really cool.

NASH:            A fun event. So I invite you to go to Do it right now, sign up for the event. The sooner you do it the better the special that you’ll get for the early birds.

SHAHAR:      Yes.

NASH:            Let’s do this.

SHAHAR:      Yes, I want to see you here in Salt Lake City and maybe we’ll have some lunch together.

NASH:            That’s right. That was great.

SHAHAR:      Yeah it was. A lot of information in that, right?

NASH:            Oh yes, yes, yes.

SHAHAR:      Now all they need to do is what?

NASH:            Implement.

SHAHAR:      Action, implement.

NASH:            Take action.

SHAHAR:      Yeah, because that’s the only thing that really can keep you from being successful in your business.

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      When you don’t do it, so you have to do it.

NASH:            That’s right, so.

SHAHAR:      Do we have a special invitation for them?

NASH:            Go do it. You know, the special invitation is extreme income explosion summit coming up…

SHAHAR:      Exactly.

NASH:            In Salt Lake City.

SHAHAR:      May 3rd, 4th and 5th with an amazing line of speakers…

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      Ms. [Inaudible 00:21:36.2], Bob the teacher, BuzzBooster…

NASH:            [Inaudible 00:21:40.6].

SHAHAR:      Katarina Randall, Lee Philips, a lot of people.

NASH:            Yes.

SHAHAR:      They’ll share with you how they have figured out how to cause an extreme income explosion.

NASH:            That’s right, so don’t missed out go to to find out more about it and sign up of course. You know, the sooner you take action the better because we’ve got some really need early bird specials. So go check it out.

SHAHAR:      Exactly. See you next time.

[End of Transcript 00:22:11.7]

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