Pinterest, Trust, and a Social Media Tool. BuzzBoosterTV #52

This week we talk about increasing the level of trust in your business, a cool tool to use with Pinterest and a very special invitation. Having trouble viewing this video? Try the Quicktime Version. Want audio-only? Click here. Sponsor: GoToMeeting with HD Faces makes it easy to collaborate online anytime. Use promo code: PODCAST and Try it Free!   The […]

This week we talk about increasing the level of trust in your business, a cool tool to use with Pinterest and a very special invitation.

Having trouble viewing this video? Try the Quicktime Version. Want audio-only? Click here.

Sponsor: GoToMeeting with HD Faces makes it easy to collaborate online anytime. Use promo code: PODCAST and Try it Free!


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The Transcript

Pinterest, Trust and a Social Media Tool, BuzzBooster TV #52

NASH: Welcome to Buzzbooster.TV.

SHAHAR: I’m Shahar.

NASH: And I’m Nash.

SHAHAR: And this show is brought to you by…

S/NASH: Go to meaning.

SHAHAR: On today’s show, we are going to talk about how to increase the level of trust in your business.

NASH: Yes, we have the very cool tool for you to use with Pinterest.

SHAHAR: Exactly and my question to you are you picking up the slacks?

NASH: Enjoy.

SHAHAR: So today, we are getting to our last step of the magnetic influence system which is?

NASH: Increase the level of trust.

SHAHAR: This is a very important step.

NASH: It is crucial.

SHAHAR: Yes and if you did everything right from the former steps then you can watch the previous episodes.

NASH: Yes, it naturally increased.

SHAHAR: It naturally increased but there are many other things that you can do to increase trust. You know Nash unfortunately most people think that when we think about trust it’s about showing testimonials.

NASH: Right.

SHAHAR: Right?

NASH: No it’s not just that.

SHAHAR: It is not just that, it is very important though.

NASH: Yes.

SHAHAR: Yeah, you know, increase the level of credibility will of course increase the level of trust so you should make testimonials that people give to you prominent.

NASH: Yes.

SHAHAR: And by the way just an aside, yes you can use the testimonials that you get on Linked In, you know those, those referrals that they give there. All of those things in other places, yes, you can grab those…

NASH: Yeah.

SHAHAR: You put on site, on your sales copy…

NASH: If they took the time to write about you there or somewhere else, hey why not copy those and paste them onto your website as long as you got credit to the person who said it.

SHAHAR: Yes, exactly.

NASH: You can do that.

SHAHAR: You can do that. And you of course you can also use pictures and you can use videos as testimonials too.

NASH: The more you use the better it is. In other words if you just have text that’s great, if you have text in an image though the picture of the person that’s better. If you have a video of the person that’s even better and sometimes you might just have the audio so we can put the audio in the text or the audio in the person’s picture next to it.

So whatever you can do to show other people that this is a human being,, a true human being.


NASH: The better it is.

SHAHAR: Yeah and one thing we don’t do anymore in websites concerning testimonials is not have just a one page called testimonials.

NASH: Yeah.

SHAHAR: What do we do now?

NASH: So, you know you put a page with testimonials on there, everyone knows, it’s, they’re just going to see praise on and so. A lot of times it don’t even click. So the best thing to do is force them to actually see and read the testimonials and the way to do that is you basically rotate them through the different pages of your website.

So like if you have a column on your site, you can put a different testimonial on that column on each page.


NASH: Or on the photo or somewhere else. But so that every time the person goes to a different page or the page reloads they see a new testimonial.

SHAHAR: Yeah, it is cool, right? And it makes, it makes more exciting every page and brings credibility to every single page of your site.

NASH: That’s right, you’re just reinforcing that.

SHAHAR: Exactly. But you have to think about how you increase trust in everything you do in your company.

NASH: Yes, how?

SHAHAR: Yeah, well very important thing is all the email communication, also very important all the customer service.

NASH: Yes.

SHAHAR: On your auto responders especially in the first five messages is very important to tell your story, tell why you’re doing what are you’re doing.

NASH: Yup.

SHAHAR: You know, green, you know if you have degrees and things like that, that the matter to your audience, you should mention those in your first messages.

NASH: Yes.

SHAHAR: So the five first messages is we need to go deeper into the relationship in a sense of showing who you are and increasing credibility. They are not meant to start selling right away anyway, that’s in the auto responder, right.

NASH: That’s important to understand really Shahar because a lot of times people just want to push, push right at first. Well, the first things you need to do especially in a sequence of messages is build that level of trust, give them, make them feel comfortable about you.

SHAHAR: Exactly.

NASH: So, and then so how you do it just like you were saying. You can show, even for instance if you were in the media if you had a…

SHAHAR: Oh yes, good point.

NASH: News coverage. All of those thing not only should you mention them but they should always, even on your website you should have the logos and things like that for those places that you were featuring on.

SHAHAR: Yes. If you got, if you get that quite often, you might want to have a page called in the media.

NASH: Yes.

SHAHAR: Where you actually grab the text, grab the…

NASH: The video or the audio.

SHAHAR: The video files and host them on your site.

NASH: Yes.

SHAHAR: This is important because especially concerning video interviews that you have out there, they usually keep those for 30 days.

NASH: Yeah.

SHAHAR: And they rotate with the other articles. So it would be better for you to grab that from whatever site it is.

NASH: Yeah.

SHAHAR: And bring to your own environment where you can control that.

NASH: Good point. Good point, because the newspapers do that too.


NASH: A lot of times the coverage will stay there only for 30 days.


NASH: In which case then you’ll lose your coverage. So make sure that as soon as you’re out you grab it, you copy it and then you place it on your website where you can control.

SHAHAR: Yeah. One key point of concerning trust is that you have to be consistent.

NASH: Yes.

SHAHAR: Actually that’s the golden rule for you to increase the level of trust. You need to be consistent, not only in your behavior but in the communication you have. So for example, if you do videos they need to be consistent. It’s not one at a year and one six months later. Same thing with email communication. It’s very important because you want to keep on top of the mind.

This doesn’t mean you should be emailing them every single day because they’re going to go blind to your message but you have to be there every now and then.

NASH: Yeah.

SHAHAR: Then, we have the rule that always at least once a month and ever, never after more than 30 days. Ideally a little bit more than that. You will see which your audience, what’s the best level of consistency that, that they want but it needs to be there. Most people think that by putting a in testimonials and not communicating with their audience they are going to be successful and no. Consistency is crucial.

NASH: Key.


NASH: Yes.

SHAHAR: And you should have that in mind.

NASH: Yes. In fact, you know, actually the consistency thing, just embrace that because you have to be consistent in pretty much everything that you do. It will, even if you’re doing like a web show, you have to be consistent, if you’re writing on your blog you have to be consistent or if you’re communicating with your clients and everything that Shahar said you have to be consistent.


NASH: So just embrace that concept.

SHAHAR: Yeah. And think in every single touch that you have with your customer, how you can increase the level of trust and many little things will impact that showing a little bit of who you are, talking about a little bit about your personal life, showing the environment you live in…

NASH: Yeah.

SHAHAR: Which pets do you have?

NASH: Yeah.

SHAHAR: You’re kids.

NASH: So that’s the thing I lot of times people will think well, the way that I show trust is to show how I am successful in my business.


NASH: Well that’s an important element, yes, however, showing the personal side, the human side of you actually also helps in impacts the level of trust, the perceived trust that they have in you. Because if they see that you’re human, that you like to have fun, that you have family time, that you have values…


NASH: All of those things in for once.

SHAHAR: But we do here quite often that they, especially with websites that it need to have the corporate look can only how corporate stuff. You know, people will do business with people at the end.

NASH: Yeah.

SHAHAR: So you need to show that side, you need to show the personality of your company.

NASH: Yeah.

SHAHAR: In a way and when you have employees, you know, how is that run, what do they like, what are their hobbies.

NASH: That’s right.

SHAHAR: Today this is way more important than looking corporate.

NASH: Yes remember.

SHAHAR: Yeah, people don’t trust companies.


SHAHAR: That’s the very first thing.

NASH: No. That’s it..

SHAHAR: So be careful with that.

NASH: Yes. And like we’ve said no more signs before, don’t be boring.

SHAHAR: Yeah, never be boring. Yeah, I think it makes senset, right?

NASH: Yes.


NASH: Alright, you know, a question that we’ve been getting a lot lately is how do I use Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest? And everyone’s asking about Pinterest. So I’d like to share with you a cool tool that will allow you to repurpose your blog post and other things, articles and things like that.

Pinterest can be used to the benefit of getting a lot of traffic to your website. A really nice way, the only thing is every time you post there you either have to have an image or a video. So you might have quite a few of those but eventually you’ll run out or which of the images do I do, so I go back for instance.

Do I go back and add an image to every blog post so then I can beat my old blog post and have them on there, what do I do? Yes, you can do that but there’s a cool nifty tool called pinaquote, and what it does is it allows you to highlight text and then it creates an image out of it so that you can quickly pin that to your Pinterest account. So that’s my tip for, that’s my tip for today, Enjoy.

SHAHAR: My question to you today is, are you eating your sales [Inaudible00:09:19.2]? You know, we all have people to they say no to us during the sales process. That’s totally normal, right. But do you have any process in place that you can turn them into customers later?

You know, a lot of people just say, okay, let’s suppose you send an email to a list then you get a percentage that buys and then they just forget it. They say that’s what it is, that’s what I’m going to sell. But frankly there’s a lot that you can do after a person says no to turn them into a customer.

Of course you can have several touches to still try to sell what you are offering in the first place,. For you to have an idea it takes about five context before a person even makes the decision to buy or has really the impost to buy something.

So you need to be aware of that the very few times, you’re going to offer something the first time and they are going to say yes. Of course you can use auto responders to do that but you can also offer them up sales and down sales. You can do that when you do it online and you can also do that in a negotiation process.

So if they don’t want product A, they might be interested in product B you can offer for a lower price and sometimes you’ll even offer for a higher price. But you have to have e a process in place where you can use the pool of prospects that you have to sell more and more.

And not allow that they first know we will just say, okay, that’s it I’m not going to do that. There’s a lot of money on the table when you create processes to keep selling to them even after they say no. Again like I told you, there are other offers that you can make there, there are other packages that you can offer, there are down sales and up sales in the process.

And most importantly the amount of communication in the process. Asking just for the sale once usually does not bring you much money because people are overwhelmed with information and they are resistant just to buying anyway at this moment so you need more context.

Like I told you at least five for them to think about buying, think about that. So you need to be using several methods. Methods are also to reached out not only email. You can mix that, you can do email, you can do direct mail, you can send a video, you can talk about a blog post you put and everything leading to sales corner.

But you need to keep that communication going. Most people isis top at the first touch and that’s a very big mistaking business.

NASH: That was good.

SHAHAR: I think we, you’ve got some very good information to apply in your business and series those right away, right?

NASH: Yes, yes.

SHAHAR: Yes. Now we would like to invite you to come join us on May 3rd, 4th and 5th here in Salt Lake.

NASH: Yeah.

SHAHAR: When we’re, we are doing the Extreme Income Explosion Summit.

NASH: Yes.

SHAHAR: Yes, three days of very good information, amazing speakers.

NASH: When did they go deep in depth.

SHAHAR: Yes. And we are going to show you how to go far, go fast and go big in your business.

NASH: That’s right.

SHAHAR: What do they have to do?

NASH: All you have to do is go to, go there and just signed up and come join us in Salt Lake.

SHAHAR: Yes and you know I’m going to tell you a secret and check out. If you type the coupon code extreme, you will get 50 off of the price.

NASH: So for the viewers of our show type in extreme checkout and then we’ll give you 50 off…


NASH: 50% off.


NASH: [Inaudible00:12:51.8] yes.

SHAHAR: 50% off, if you type extreme.

NASH: It’s very good deal.


NASH: Come join us.

SHAHAR: Yeah, come meet us in Salt Lake City.

[End of Transcript]

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