Be Marketing Everywhere, Social Search and Google Plus, BuzzBooster TV #51

As entrepreneurs we need to be marketing everywhere all the time. Shahar and Nashlah, hosts of BuzzBooster TV will show you how. Plus how is social search evolving and are you driving yourself into extinction? Having trouble viewing this video? Try the Quicktime Version. Want audio-only? Click here. Sponsor: GoToMeeting with HD Faces makes it […]

As entrepreneurs we need to be marketing everywhere all the time. Shahar and Nashlah, hosts of BuzzBooster TV will show you how. Plus how is social search evolving and are you driving yourself into extinction?

Having trouble viewing this video? Try the Quicktime Version. Want audio-only? Click here.

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The Transcript

Be Marketing Everywhere, Social Search and Google Plus, BuzzBooster TV #51

NASHLAH:           Welcome to BuzzBooster.TV

SHAHAR:              I’m Shahar.

NASHLAH:           And I’m Nash.

SHAHAR:              And this show is brought to you by You know, on today’s show, we’re going to talk about Uber present in social media.

NASHLAH:           Yes.

SHAHAR:              Yeah. We have a cool tip about audio books.

NASHLAH:           Yup.

SHAHAR:              And the question, are you driving yourself into extinction?

NASHLAH:           Are you?

SHAHAR:              Enjoy. So, continuing our conversation on how to become irresistible to your market.

NASHLAH:           Yes, yes, yes.

SHAHAR:              You have people really coming to you. There is one more step.

NASHLAH:           Yes.

SHAHAR:              We already talked about, you know, creating your irresistible product…

NASHLAH:           Yes.

SHAHAR:              [Inaudible 0:00:51] your core story…

NASHLAH:           Yes.

SHAHAR:              You’re going to make voice.

NASHLAH:           So now?

SHAHAR:              Mistaken rituals. Now, you have to Uber present. Well, what does it mean? It means that…

NASHLAH:           Present everywhere.

SHAHAR:              Everywhere all the time.

NASHLAH:           Well, how do you that though as a business owner because you can’t waste all of this time?

SHAHAR:              Yeah, just imagine this scenario and we are talking about social media here because social media in this case help you quite a bit.

NASHLAH:           It allows you to become always present.

SHAHAR:              Yeah, but if you spend 30 minutes then an hour on Google Plus then who knows how long on [Inaudible 0:01:23] and that, you know what happens?

NASHLAH:           When do you work?

SHAHAR:              You don’t work and you better work because your business is about bringing sales and profit as well.

NASHLAH:           Yeah.

SHAHAR:              So what you have to do? Yes, you have to be everywhere but why is that? Because the consumer today is everywhere. They are aware, they feel comfortable and you, as a business owner, needs to be there talking to them but you’re going to use a lot of automation.

NASHLAH:           Yes.

SHAHAR:              Right?

NASHLAH:           That’s key, automation.

SHAHAR:              You, what you’re going to have is really robot softwares that will help you broadcast your message everywhere.

NASHLAH:           Yup.

SHAHAR:              Okay, you’re going to pay attention to the ones where you get more traction.

NASHLAH:           Yes.

SHAHAR:              Where people interact with you. Those, you still have to be there, show your face, talk to them, be transparent and all of the things but then you have to be everywhere all the time and you can use automation for that.

NASHLAH:           That’s right.

SHAHAR:              There is no choice anymore.

NASHLAH:           Nope.

SHAHAR:              Let me tell you two things company ride on.

NASHLAH:           Tell me.

SHAHAR:              If you use Facebook and you go to Bing to do a search.

NASHLAH:           Oh, yes.

SHAHAR:              Look what happens, you’re going to see what your friends are searching there.

NASHLAH:           Yes.

SHAHAR:              Okay? The search engine is changing to social in many levels. If you ever heard us speak, you saw that we already have been talking about these things for quite a while but the fact is now that they think that if you are connected with someone and you pay attention to this person, you want to see what they are saying…

NASHLAH:           What they’re saying.

SHAHAR:              So the search engine is popping that out. Yeah so, what happens to that on Google?

NASHLAH:           What?

SHAHAR:              Let’s suppose you’re using Google Plus.

NASHLAH:           Okay.

SHAHAR:              Okay? You have people there interested in what you’re talking and they circle you. They put you in their groups, okay? When you go, when they go to Google and…

NASHLAH:           So wait, wait, wait. Let’s do this. So Shahar, I’m doing a search, actually I find…

SHAHAR:              Small business marketing.

NASHLAH:           Small business marketing, I’m on Google Plus and I see you and you talk about small business marketing, I think it’s interesting so I put you in a circle, okay?

SHAHAR:              Yes, yes.

NASHLAH:           Tomorrow, I need to really need to figure out how to market my business. I go on Google and search small business marketing.

SHAHAR:              Yes. What happens?

NASHLAH:           What happens.

SHAHAR:              Well, because she chose to have me in her circle…

NASHLAH:           Because I circled her.

SHAHAR:              I will show you more prominently there may be sites that spend thousands and thousands of dollars in SEO.

NASHLAH:           That’s right. So normally, maybe Shahar could’ve come up on the second page, on the third page or whatever but it’s not really the case but let’s just assume. So then because I encircled her the day before and I create this little search now, because I circled her, she comes up to the top or close to the top where I will see her now.

SHAHAR:              Exactly. But, of course, not only the keywords small business marketing would be showing. In fact, if I blog about things, if I blog about marketing to boomers, how to go far in your business, all kinds of little keywords that you use when you’re producing content and as a business owner, you should be producing content online.

NASHLAH:           Yes.

SHAHAR:              Well, if she’s searching for something relevant, let’s say you didn’t read my blog post…

NASHLAH:           So pretty much…

SHAHAR:              And I blog about boomers and you wanted to know more about them.

NASHLAH:           So type boomers and up she comes, so pretty much anything that I search for that she talks about in her profile should come up.

SHAHAR:              Exactly.

NASHLAH:           And by her profile, I mean, her blogs because she’s adding her blogs to Google Plus…

SHAHAR:              Videos and shows.

NASHLAH:           Her videos, everything that has content that she’s producing.

SHAHAR:              Yeah.

NASHLAH:           And so two things really that you should think about. One is trying to be creating content, the answer is yes and two, should I be on Google Plus? Yes.

SHAHAR:              Yes. Yes, again, and even on Facebook, right? Because you impact findability. You show less on Bing, you show less on Google Plus if you’re just thinking oh, I paid this company to do SEO because even SEO is changing.

NASHLAH:           Yeah.

SHAHAR:              Okay. Not only that. The more important part here is you’re going to be where you’re customers are and your prospects are all the time and here is the principle, you have to live by in today’s age. Okay? There’s a [Inaudible 0:05:15] where the people just come to you where they find your website or they knock at your door or the yellow pages.

NASHLAH:           Yeah.

SHAHAR:               You do need to be marketing and yes, there is a cost of time and money in that but of course if you use social media, you can leverage time and money quite a bit.

NASHLAH:           Absolutely.

SHAHAR:              Yes, so, you know, think about this. Think about what you’re doing right now to be Uber present, to be everywhere right? What could you be doing better…

NASHLAH:           And don’t forget, with automation.

SHAHAR:              Yes.

NASHLAH:           So we don’t want you to be everywhere wasting your time.

SHAHAR:              Yeah.

NASHLAH:           Okay? Keep that in mind.

SHAHAR:              And then work smart.

NASHLAH:           Yeah.

SHAHAR:              We talked about [Inaudible 0:05:50] last week. It’s an awesome tool. I was starting her this morning, right? How many new sites I found in the last two days? As a result of looking of looking at pictures of [Inaudible 0:06:01] because I was searching for keywords that interest me and believe me, there are the things other than market that interest me.

And I found good stuff, I click on the picture. I visit their websites. I would never really find them, you know, unless I was really digging inside the search engine which would be boring and [Inaudible 0:06:20] is not. So, you know, you can go there, set your stuff, set your products there, create those name set and really forget. You don’t have to be going there all the time if you don’t want to.

NASHLAH:           That’s right.

SHAHAR:              Yeah. So, don’t you get tired sometime of all of this technology in between people like teleseminars, conference calls and things like that. I think, you think that’s the only way to talk to people today.

NASHLAH:           That’s right. It’s like you just hear their voice over and over again but really you don’t know who you’re talking to.

SHAHAR:              And, you know, seeing the face is so important.

NASHLAH:           It’s crucial.

SHAHAR:              You can see the body language of course. Right?

NASHLAH:           Yeah.

SHAHAR:              You can see how the conversation is going. Yes.

NASHLAH:           If there are questions, if I say something, did she like it? Did they like it? How did they react to it?

SHAHAR:              If it is somebody like me that has an accent, yeah, you can make life easier to other people because they can see your lips.

NASHLAH:           They can see, yeah.

SHAHAR:              Yeah. And if you’re someone like me that is a foreigner, it also helps to see other people’s face because sometimes they lose something in translation and I can see their mouths moving, right?

NASHLAH:           Yeah. She doesn’t really lose things in translation. She just like to say that.

SHAHAR:              Oh yeah, sure. I know, I know, well now, the point it it’s really, really important to have that personal contact…

NASHLAH:           Yes.

SHAHAR:              Even when you’re doing that over a computer.

NASHLAH:           Absolutely.

SHAHAR:              But how do you do that?

NASHLAH:           To really put a face to a name.

SHAHAR:              Exactly. Well, you know, there is a software, a company called GoToMeeting.

NASHLAH:           GoToMeeting.

SHAHAR:              Where they allow you have…

NASHLAH:           Face to face means.

SHAHAR:              Meetings face to face in HD.

NASHLAH:           That’s awesome.

SHAHAR:              Yeah, that creates again that personal connection and everything that we just talked about. It’s a really good company, we use that ourselves and it makes life a lot easier and a lot more fun too.

NASHLAH:           Absolutely.

SHAHAR:              Yeah. So I want to recommend to you,

NASHLAH:           Absolutely.

SHAHAR:              What do they have to do?

NASHLAH:           You know what, actually, our listeners get 30 days free trial so go to, click on the try and free button and put the promo code podcast. Don’t forget, promo code podcast, you get 30 days free trial and you get to benefit for all that we just talked about.

SHAHAR:              Yes, exactly. So GoToMeeting with HD faces, couldn’t be cooler than that.

NASHLAH:           Uh-uh.


NASHLAH:           Hey, so alright, so today my tool isn’t so much a tool. It’s more of a self improvement thing, alright? So here’s the thing, Shahar and I were talking about this like last, all of the last week and it’s almost like we don’t spend enough time to think like to really stop and think about your business, think about new strategies.

Oftentimes we catch ourselves just focusing on task like task, task, task, task but not enough time to just sit and really know what’s going on and think of new strategies. So here’s my tip to you this week and that is if you have, there’s a great resource out there and we’ve had it for a while, they’re called audio books.

So, if you don’t have enough time to read which amazingly and it happens quite a bit, download audio books. There are tons of them on like on different topics, business, marketing, self improvement, everything. Download the ones that interests you and at any time you find yourself in a situation where you’re just wasting time which is I don’t like, you’re driving or you’re standing in line.

Things like you really, you can’t use for anything else well hey, pop up that audio book, plug it in your iPod, put it in your car or whatever. Listen to it [Inaudible 0:09:43] while you’re driving. So make sure that you’re constantly seeking knowledge, seeking new things so that when you find yourself in a situation where you really have to think, you have to think, okay, how can I make, improve my business?

How can I make more money? How can I market it better? When you’re thinking these things, so then you’ll have this new set of tools that were given to you through the various e-books or audio books that you’ve been listening to and now you can think strategically more than anything so that’s my tip to you.

SHAHAR:              Have you ever stop to think if you or your employees are not taking your business or profession into extinction? Because I think many of us are. You just have to go out there and try to shop and you’re going to see they use this service, some people are doing to their own business or to the business where their money comes from.

For example, and it only happens all the time and I think it’s funny because we hear a lot about shopping loco and I’m all for that. I always go loco if I have the choice to but look what happened, in one day, one day in my life I went to a bookstore. I usually go to bookstores to buy magazines. There are several of them that I like but that day specifically I was looking for a very specific book.

I went to the store, go to the information thing where they’re supposed to help their customers with the computers and everything and the lady is there stacking some books around the station and I ask her, do you have this book? Blah, blah, blah. And she, without looking at me, not even once, without standing from the floor where she was standing said, it’s a place where there in the back.

You can take a look or if you don’t find, you can go online. And I kept thinking, oh my gosh. You know, there is no faster way to get into extinction than this, right? She didn’t take the time. I’m a person coming inside the store wanting to spend money, money that will feed into her salary and she doesn’t have the time to stand up, look me in the eye or even worse, really show me where the book is because way there in the back with a big bookstore is kind of weird, right?

There are like 10,000 aisles over there in the back. So it’s just stupid so she should be better trained for sure but she also should be supervised because this is taking money away from the business. It’s just unacceptable. And then on the same day, I went to Joann, you know, former Joann Fabrics and I went there to look to some stuff.

And I needed a special kind of felt that should be in the upholstery department. So I’m there and I’m going around with the car like for a good three or four minutes, nobody there. Very, very tough to find an employee. I can hear voices in the back behind the, one of the walls there but I could not reach them.

So I was there trying to find the thing and at the same time trying to talk to an employee but such thing never happened. So I go to the counter to checkout and I have some other stuff and the woman at the counter said, so, did you find everything alright? And I said, no. And she goes, uh-oh, that’s bad.

And that was the end of the conversation. She didn’t ask what I was looking for, she didn’t try t see if they had it because yes, maybe they are out of something but she doesn’t know that. Most likely I just didn’t know where the product was. She couldn’t care less. She just said uh-oh so I keep thinking why they even ask that if they are not going to take any action?

Again, why should I come here? I could go online with a click of a button but then your job would be on the line. And the last thing I did was go to a supermarket, right? It’s a new super marketing [Inaudible 0:13:32], a local supermarket. Very, very cool by the way and I bought all of these kind of vegetables, right?

Go to this checkout line, the girl was extremely nice so was the other girl that’s packing the things but then she gets a [Inaudible 0:13:45] and she goes, what is this? I never saw this in my life. Then she gets the radish and she does the same thing. She’s going to figure the code or anything but she also didn’t know what that thing was.

And I even looked at her and I said, but you work here every day, right? And she said, yes. And people do buy vegetables, right? Yes. And you never saw these? No, I never. And then finally, the girl that was doing the packaging, she gets the coconut, I got a coconut and she comes to me and says, is this how it looks inside of a coconut?

And I said yes and it’s even cooler when you put a whole on that and start drinking the water. Well, she also have never had seen there. My question when I left the place and then the [Inaudible 0:14:35] they were very nice, okay? They were very nice but shouldn’t they be better trained to know the products they are selling?

Shouldn’t they even be able to give me some tips on how I could use those products. Yes, there are tons of products inside the supermarket but if you’re there, if you’re working there, you should be trained to at least know the products that the company you work for is selling. So again, ask yourself if in your business or you yourself, you’re not putting yourself in extinction because then you’re going to complain that everybody wants to go online because it’s cheaper, I questioned that.

Okay? It’s just becoming very hard to not shop online, okay? So train your people better and revisit how you sell. Well, lots of good information this time too, right?

NASHLAH:          That was great.

SHAHAR:              Yes, there’s just one more thing they need to do.

NASHLAH:           Oh, yes.

SHAHAR:              Yeah, make sure that they take action so they can meet us in May, 3rd, 4th and 5th in Salt Lake City where we’re going to have the Extreme Income Explosion Summit. You know, we have some of the best speakers ever here, right?

NASHLAH:           We do. We actually, we’re going to see that together. It’s coming up soon and we really love you to join us. We have an awesome lineup of speakers. I mean, we’ve got a variety of topics really. So we’ve got Lee Philips, we’ve got Caterina Rando, Diane Conklin, Michelle Sisk, BuzzBoosters, Joe Lublin and…

SHAHAR:              Michelle Sisk.

NASHLAH:           Yeah, yeah. So we’re going to talk, it doesn’t stop. We’re going to talk about Facebook, Facebook marketing, we’re going to talk about how to go [Inaudible 0:16:09] big, we’re going to talk about protecting your assets, we’re going to talk about public speaking so really, things that can truly propel, help propel your business into success.

SHAHAR:              Yes, and if you’re the kind of person that is thinking, so what exactly I’m going to get out of this? Well, I can tell you one thing. You’re going to be able to think big and strategically about your business. You’re going to be able to leverage what you do so you can work less and make more.

You will be able to achieve in the next six months more than you did in the last six years. This is no small potatoes, okay? So don’t bring excuses that, you know, Salt Lake is too far or I cannot take from my business. You should be working on your business and you have to take time in order to work on your business.

So, what do you have to do right now?

NASHLAH:           Go to and sign up. That’s all it takes.

SHAHAR:              Yes, yeah. All it takes. One click and we’ll see you in May.

NASHLAH:           See you.

[End of Transcript 0:17:14]

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